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Disclaimer crap:

Many of these works are of the tasteless, disgusting, and offensive kind. If you think you'll whine or something like that, go back to your IE-only flashturbation pages.

Various Writings, etc.

Most of these writings are rants/position statements on various things, but there is other stuff there as well.


ZenonFixed is a relatively lame (but not as lame as Fixedsys) Windoze bitmap font, intended to replace Fixedsys, because Fixedsys is very gay.

Sims Objects

Here are my hacked (and mostly recolored) Sims objects. These should keep you happy until I come out with a whole truckload of Sims objects.

Planned Sims Objects:

Closing Logo Jingles

This is a small collection of jingles for most common closing logos, including the V of Doom and the S from Hell.