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Here you can discover what goes down in CZQ-land and what the heck everything means.


The Den is my personal space for all kinds of crap, especially hacked Sims objects and writings that receive rave reviews from those who appreciate things done to tick off the usual customers (parodies of Disney Channel shows rank high on this list).

Technical Details

The Site


The site is entirely hand-coded, using HTML 4.01, CSS1, and CSS2. Very little scripting is used (except for Tripod's ad pop-ups). This layout, like all the others before it, is table-free and uses a common stylesheet for columns.

The result is small, simple coding and easier-to-modify styles. By changing the stylesheet, every page that uses the stylesheet is affected.


Not much to talk about. Whatever graphics are here were made in that "lame" Paint that comes with Windoze and converted to PNG or JPEG in IrfanView. The background image that stays at the top of the page is really a 1-pixel-wide monochrome PNG with the appropriate palette entries.

Sims Objects

My Sims objects were cloned with the Sims Transmogrifier and hacked with Script Station (the older objects) or IFF Pencil 2 (the newer objects). The Paint-IrfanView combo is used on the images in the objects.


Coming Real Soon Now.