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The Firing Range

Take that SOB out back and shoot it!

From sites that lock Opera users out to stupid people to bad business decisions, I have opened fire on several topics over the last couple of years. Many of these rants have since ended up becoming non-issues for me over the changing times, but I'm sure someone out there might just relate to these.

But there are those lusers who say Oh my God, he said I'm stupid since I (imitated a Jackass stunt/use IE/liked the Super Bowl anti-drug ads). They're entitled to their opinions, of course, but they'd better keep those opinions to themselves or I'll use the opinions as ammo for a comeback. In other words, if you think you'll whine, go back to your IE-only flashturbation pages.

With that out of the way, here are the rants/position statements:

  1. Sites that lock me out - less relevant since I switched to Mozilla, but still very relevant to Opera users
  2. The End of Poke-Days - Pokemon was going down back in 2000!
  3. (removed)
  4. CSS (not the good kind) - It sucks at copy-protection. But it sure does keep people from playing legal DVD's on their Linux box.
  5. Right-click-blocking - A favorite, but useless, JavaScript program used mostly by teenyboppers and newbies.
  6. Stupid Idiots - If you set yourself on fire, sue yourself!
  7. (removed)
  8. Netscape - 6 really sucked, 7 looks okay, but Mozilla's still better
  9. Lynx - Not the best browser, but pretty good anyway
  10. The Super Bowl Anti-Drug Ads - a reason to end the War on Drugs
  11. The Tornado - Oprahfication makes its move!
  12. Circuit City Screwed Up - some decisions are best made later than sooner
  13. Internet Explorer 6 - what a total piece of SH!T
  14. Stupid Internet Explorer Tricks - a crash course in bad teenybopper Web design
  15. - SUCKS! See why...

Former number 7 was an assault on a guy in my class ('03, in a school in southern Michigan that will remain unnamed because of anti-Anti-Pokemon people) and was removed after a while. Former number 3 was about school vouchers, and it was removed because it was turning into a mess. (My opinion is still that vouchers are a waste of tax money and could turn private schools into little more than privately owned public schools.)


These are the various writings I have done for whatever reason. Most of them are little works of fiction that would get your mamma into Spank Mode super-fast if she catches you with them. Yes, they are that good (bad).

My Who Would You Kill? Entries

These are entries I composed for the Who Would You Kill? site, where you can tell how you would like to see TV characters killed off.

Fast fact: The 8th rant was supposed to be an attack on another guy in my class.